About us

Why are we doing this and who are we?

Currently, there are no coordinated records kept of the strike action happening across the UK.

Our map is an attempt to start to catalogue the action taking place and we hope will be useful to other workers.

This site is a ‘worker-powered’ attempt to map the industrial action taking place in the UK and relies purely on the information supplied via our submission form. We do not claim to be an official account of all action across the country, or represent all the collective action and different tactics of disruption that people are engaged in.

We are trade union activists that work full time and were behind the ‘Red for Key Workers initiative on May Day 2020. We are independent of any one union, party or candidate. Our map was inspired by strikethreat.org

Aims of the website

  • Document and present the levels of strike action in the country.
  • Enable others to see the levels of action and pass on messages of solidarity.
  • Encourage other workers in their struggles.

How to get in touch

This website is staffed by activists working full time. However, you can get in touch anytime via: strikemapuk@gmail.com

Keep up to date

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