A Brush With Fire and Rehire

Engineers at Brush Electrical Machine have committed to the company throughout their tenure ranging from 2 years service to over 50 years. They have worked through the pandemic as key workers and given continued support to the business and its customers. “a comprehensive massacre of … Continue reading A Brush With Fire and Rehire

Pay up Mitie

We have worked on the frontline as porters, cleaners, switchboard and catering staff at Cumberland Infirmary during this pandemic. We have put ourselves at risk to serve patients meals, clean wards- keeping them safe from infection and do the jobs which allow nurses and doctors … Continue reading Pay up Mitie

Trouble on the buses

Drivers at Go North West’s Queen’s Road Bus Depot are on all-out strike from Sunday after Unite members there voted 83% in favour of strike action against the company’s decision to fire and rehire them on new contracts that would reduce sick pay and wages. … Continue reading Trouble on the buses


This is a pivotal moment for CWU members employed as Repayment Project Engineers (RPE’s). The grade of the role they carry out is being attacked and moved in to a managerial structure where performance related pay and bonus incentives rule the day. For the vast … Continue reading #CWUandProud

Not very good lord

Goodlord: Fire and rehire tactics at London based prop-tech company Goodlord The referencing department of Goodlord has always been treated like an unwelcome necessity to the business. The company employs upwards of two hundred people, with almost half of these being in the referencing department. … Continue reading Not very good lord


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