Strike Stories

Strike Stories

Workers stories in their own words from the picket lines.

Quality Care Deserves Quality Pay

Our bosses look at us like we’re nothing. The work we do, we do it with pride, we do it with dignity and we do it to put bread on the table, but to Sage’s trustees this is not ‘decent work’, it is not ‘a real job’.

The Battle of Barnoldswick

To embark on the unknown, whilst forsaking your wages, is a scary thought for many. So the real  question is why do they do it?

British Gas Fire and Rehire

I honestly feel we can come back from this but the way they’re holding this fire and rehire over us like a metaphorical gun to our heads is disgusting.

My Kingdom for a fair payrise

A lot of us had to steal PPE because they wouldn’t supply us with it.

Don’t Cut IT

A victorious strike at the University… would give confidence to all those in the education sector fighting back

“Every strike reminds the workers that their position is not hopeless, that they are not alone.”

V.I. Lenin

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